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Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Please register at the following link to attend the workshops:

We encourage you to enjoy all of the workshops. The project is packed with wonderful skills developing clases. Please check out the whole schedule from July to November and plan your attendance ahead of time. We encourage you to ONLY register for those you are planning to attend. We would like to give everyone an opportunity to learn, so the proper distribution of materials to the attendees is key, please consider this and mark your chosen workshops on your calendar not to miss out!

Pay close attention to those workshops with Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, as they must be taken as a bundle when registering.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Zoom Support Tutorials kit

As you may already know, our workshops will be delivered mostly on a remote basis. Therefore, we will be making use of the video platform ZOOM to interact with facilitators, coordinators, and other participants. In this document you will find direct access to short answers about how to use this platform. We want to make sure that all participants feel comfortable when participating in our activities.

You are welcome to keep this document and make the best out of it.

Question and Link

How to download zoom on my Computer/Laptop?

How to download zoom on my phone?

How to set up an account?

How to change my name and photo profile?

How to connect my camara and audio?

How to set up a background?

How to suppress background noises from the space I am connecting?

How to send a message to all participants or a specific person in a meeting?

How to raise my hand or ask for help?

How to use an emoji as a reaction?

Question and Link for facilitators or instructors

How to share my screen?

How to share audio and video from my screen?

How to include my video when sharing a presentation? (Important!)

How to ask a participant to mute its audio?

How to create and manage breakout rooms?

How to use the closed caption feature?

How to use the whiteboard feature?

Some important tips to keep in mind

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