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We are a registered charitable organization whose objective is to create opportunities for higher academic achievement in the Spanish-speaking community.

Our Charity’s Business Number is 83326 7115 RR0001


a) Advance education for the benefit of Spanish‑speaking youth and children by providing opportunities for youth development by offering outreach, leadership training programs and workshops.

b) Advance education for the benefit of Spanish‑speaking youth by providing workshops and instructional seminars on performance and visual arts and by providing opportunities for students to publicly exhibit, present, or perform their works, or develop their crafts or skills in conjunction with these learning activities.

c) Advance education by providing scholarships to Spanish‑speaking youth to encourage academic excellence.


CONOSER and Teach 2 Learn have been around for over a decade now and we are always undergoing progress and change.  For years, we have worked with volunteers and partners to develop programs and workshops that help give our Latin@ youth more chances of academic success. We now have free tutoring programs in three primary schools, a youth workshop program in one high school, our youth art program at Casa Maiz and our parent’s program throughout the City.
It seems like it was only yesterday that we weld our first meeting with parents at City Hall, but the realities that sent us to work on that first meeting are still there. As a community we still has some of the biggest academic needs and our youth are still not on and equal basis and so we continue to work collectively and to grow.
CONOSER is a charitable organization. This allows us to raise more funds in order to help more youth and their families. It has been a shared effort and we wanted to share it with our larger community of followers, friends and volunteers.

We thank you for all of your hard work and support.




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