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August workshops

Updated: Aug 20, 2021


Tuesday, August 3rd by Black Creek Community Farm by Mildred Agsaoay

Workshop Description:

This workshop will cover the process of composting and its benefits for the environment and ourselves and will cover the process of vermicomposting, the importance of worms, and how to make your own vermicomposting bin at home

Mildred Agsaoay is an active resident, volunteer, and organizer in the Jane and Finch community for the past 10 years. She is in her fourth year as Coordinator of the Urban Harvest Program and she hopes to inspire more residents to grow their own food, share their surplus and learn preservation methods as a resilient food practice. In 2017, she began a Moms Group at the farm and has engaged over 250 parents and their children from low-income families to participate in gardening and a healthy lifestyle program. She is passionate about gardening, reconnecting people back to nature, growing and eating good food. The UrbanHarvest program at Black Creek Community Farm is a partnership between the City of Toronto Solid Waste Management Services’ Community Reduce Reuse Programs. Mildred and her teamwork to help reduce food waste and build resilient food practices in the community.


Farm to table

Thursday, August 5th by Adwoa

Workshop Description:


This workshop will cover the process of farm to table from the fruits/veggies being picked to the grocery store to your plate - food justice centered - (potential native spanish speaker to come and talk as well)

Adwoa is a farm educator with Black creek community farm. She is passionate about urban agriculture and wellness through food. Learning and sharing knowledge is important to her and she loves to grow herbs, flowers, and leafy greens


Natural household product making parts 1 and 2

Monday, August 9th, and Wednesday, August 11th by Melisa Prieto Paez

Workshop Descriptions:

In these workshops, we will learn to create our own products that are natural, non-irritating, safe to use around children and pets, and more sustainable in their impact on the environment. In workshop 1 we will put together an organic hand sanitizer that won't strip your hands of their moisture and will smell good. We will also make a natural mosquito and tick repellent that will protect our skin and our natural environment & air quality. Workshop 2 will be for making our own cleaning products, in which we will learn about natural ingredients that are effective for multiple surfaces and materials, and best of all, safe for our skin and lungs.

My name is Melisa Prieto Paez, I am a creative educator and multidisciplinary artist from Colombia, living in Tkaronto. With a background in early education and psychology, I have been a child and family support worker for ten years, passionate about building safer spaces for holistic wellness and artistic expression.

In 2016 I co-founded ImaginArte, an intergenerational education space, to amplify children and youth’s voices, putting art and play-based learning at the core of the programming, where young people across generations collaborate and care for each other. I believe that through the therapeutic role of play, storytelling, reconnecting with the earth, and honouring the conocimientos (knowledge) we bring in our bodies, we can strengthen our collective capacity for change.


Natural Self Care Products

Monday, August 23rd, and Wednesday, August 25th

Workshop Description:

Have you ever had the desire to learn to make self-care products? D.I.Y. (Do it yourself) This workshop will get you started with some basics. We will be making bath salts, foot salves, and sugar scrubs! Join us and we will teach you how to make these great and easy products! We will also be talking about the importance of self-care. Once we make these products we hope you can take the time to pamper yourself especially during such fast-changing times!

Born in Toronto Canada and my parents are from El Salvador. Growing up in a Latino home my mom would always tell me stories about my Abuela and shared beautiful remedies from El Salvador. This has always sparked an interest in learning about natural remedies. I partnered with dōTERRA in 2014 and started learning Aromatherapy. I became an instructor of the AromaTouch Technique and have taught many wellness advocates as well as different health practitioners who are enthusiastic about using aromatherapy. I am furthering my studies in aromatherapy through Aromahead Institute. And continue to educate many people on how to use essential oils in their homes. I personally love making different self-care products to keep toxins away from my home. Especially when it comes to my children licking the floor, I want to make sure all my household cleaners are toxic-free! I love caring for my family using a more natural approach. It is empowering and it has helped me through many nights with sick kiddos too! I am grateful to God that we have these beautiful gifts of the earth! I look forward to meeting many of you!


Family Mindfulness

Monday, August 30th by David Barraza

Title: Mindfulness Workshop: Live in harmony in the present moment. Description: This workshop will help you acquire knowledge to understand and apply mindfulness in your daily life. Mindfulness help you to take back your life, freeing from anxiety, stress, allow you to live beauties of the present moment and enjoy life with love. Objective: Change the relationship with yourself and others learning tools and techniques like meditations, breathing exercises, to reduce stress, have quality sleep and improve the quality of your daily life.

David Barraza is Health & WellnessCoach certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. Also, he is Reiki Master Usui/Holy Fire III system, Access Bars & Mindfulness Facilitator, and Music passionate. As a Coach, he integrates the holistic healing of Reiki, to guide people on breaking roadblocks in their life. With the objective to help people to live in harmony and happy, accomplishing health, personal career, and professional goals.


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