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July Workshops

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

"Connecting to the land by traditional means" July 12th 5:30 to 7:00

By Honorable Elder Jimmy Dick

Workshop description:

As your aware if your Indigenous we have a strong connection to the Mother Earth

and the Universe. It's through our Culture and Traditions and Language that we are connected.Even though some of us live in the city of concrete, we can still maintain our connection.Our Language is intertwined in the Natural order of things in the universe.

We are basically flowers with more complicated emotions, but we still need the Sun, Air, Water, Fire and Land.You can still do and access these ways if we go out on the land and also do the Ceremonies at home. Sometimes we overthink about doing these ceremonies and end up not doing them or just connecting with people who practise these ways a lot. We got to maintain our connection to Mother Earth and the Universe and teach our Youth & Children and Grandchildren so they can survive in this world and in the Future.

Jimmy Dick, Wolf Clan of the Cree Nation is a traditional language and culture keeper. He is also held in regard as an Elder in the GTA and across North and South America. Jimmy is also Sundance Chief.

He conducts several ceremonies such as sunrise, pipe, sweat lodge, feast of sacred items, walk out ceremonies, talking circles, healing circles, indigenous parenting circles, drumming and singing, male roles and responsibilities.

He is presently the Tradition and Cultural teacher at Toronto District School Board, wandering Spirit/First Nations School Jk to Grade 8. His knowledge is integrated into the classroom curriculum.

Jimmy has been actively involved in the Greater Toronto area as supporter to Indegenous issues and concerns. He has spoken and performed at many Colleges and Universities in lecture based classrooms.

He is the lead singer of EagleHeart Singers and Drummers that is now a family based drum.


"The Positive Effects Of Nature On families' Well-Being" July 14th 5:30 to 7:00 pm

By Angela Morales

Workshop description:

Studies have demonstrated how human, and nature are entwined with each other and the relationship we have with our physical habitat. Nature-friendly communities benefit the whole family by promoting social connections, interpersonal communication, and holistic wellbeing. Living close to greeneries such as parks, fields, community gardens, trees, increases the possibilities to enjoy outdoor activities such as gardening, walking, playing, improving mental and physical health in adults and children. Children who are encouraged to spend more time outdoors are less prone to problems like obesity, asthma, childhood anxiety, and depression. Adolescents who had a close connection to nature were emotionally well-balanced and had better coping skills than other children of their age. Aged people with access to green parks felt more positive and hopeful. Besides, contact with nature in any form enhances spiritual health and fills the mind with a deeper insight into life.

My name is Angela Morales, born in Colombia and settled in Canada in 1988. I am the mother of 2 extraordinary beings, my greatest teachers. I am also married to my “amazing” half. I am passionate about mother earth and humanity and I am an advocate for children, dedicating half my life to their welfare and protection. For twenty years I worked and trained in a recognized Canadian children’s mental health agency in prevention and early intervention. I recently published my first book, International Bestseller, “Healing Mom, The Art of Raising Happy Children”; and I have also participated as a co-author in 4 literary works of personal and spiritual growth. I completed my studies in Ontario, Canada in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Education Studies, among others. I am an educator, advisor, and guide in early childhood, conscious parenting, and emotional education. I am an entrepreneur and an international speaker.


"Garden bed preparation" July 20th and July 22nd, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

By Adjowa Karkari from Black Creek Community Farm

Adjowa Karkari, farm Education Coordinator

Adjowa has always had a deep connection to the earth and educating folks about it. There is always a strong sense of healing that comes from understanding the interconnectedness of it all. They are passionate about all things fungi, herbalism, technology and believe that community and storytelling are where the most can be learned. As the farm Education Coordinator, they will lead our educational programming for kids, youth, families, and seniors rooted in food justice. Join us in welcoming Adjowa to our team.

Workshops description:

Part 1: The first part of this workshop will cover how to prepare your soil for planting,

when to plant, good plants to plant in your garden/balcony garden

Part 2: The second part of this workshop will cover seed bombs and the history and

uses of guerilla gardening, followed by a guided seed bomb-making session

Black Creek Community Farm is situated on a truly unique eight-acre property that includes pristine farmland, a heritage farmhouse and barn, and a surrounding forest that extends down into the Black Creek ravine.

All of this is located within easy walking distance of eight schools and thousands of local residents in one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in Canada’s largest city.

The site houses certified organic vegetable fields, a forest trail and food forest, 4-season greenhouses, an outdoor classroom, pavilion and bake oven, as well as a mushroom garden, chickens and beehives. Restoration and conservation activities is in progress to enhance the roughly 15,000 square metre u-shaped woodland which surrounds the farm fields on the west side along a busy Toronto artery (Jane St), along the south end bordering a vibrant community housing development, and up the east side at the top of a ravine descending to the Black Creek and separating BCCF from the Black Creek Pioneer Village and York University.


"Waving our voices collectively" July 26th 5:300 pm to 7:00 pm

By C.N.H.P. Tania Borja

Workshop Description:

An interactive workshop were we will create collectively a “digital Loom” by weaving our feelings and the power of our voice in bringing awareness regarding the importance of our holistic wellbeing as individuals and as a social group. This activity will promote a genuine, caring and empowering connection amongst community members. The final digital image of the loom will be shared with the the participants at the end of the session as a legacy of the power of our voices.

Tania Borja is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Teacher, Community Organizer/Advocate, Writer, Mother and Entrepreneur. She is the founder and Director of Lunae Healing Arts, an international Holistic and alternative health practice.

Tania has successfully planned, organized and facilitated several events, talks, workshops and lectures on Holistic and Alternative Health for different organizations, community centres, and collectives, resulting in 1000+ people from our local community, feeling more empowered and knowledgeable about their own health and wellbeing. She has a long and well known trajectory as an active member and volunteer at different community organizations and artists collectives that encourage folks to develop their own social and creative expressions and participation. She is currently actively participating in community advocacy, as well as teaching online about Self-development topics and growing her private Holistic Health practice.

Tania's community and professional work has greatly contributed and continues to touch the lives of many women, youth and children. Her personal and professional approach is inclusive, empowering and committed to service.

“Essential oils Safety” July 28th 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

By Ana Chapman

Workshop Description:

This workshop is designed to prepare all participants to learn the benefits of aromatherapy. We want to make sure that before using essential oils everyone will have a healthy understanding of essential oil safety. And that all will feel confident when using essential oils in various delivery methods.

We will cover:

  • Intro to essential oils

  • Dilution and carrier oils

  • Basic ways to use essential oils

  • Basic blending

  • Roller Bottle remedies

Born in Toronto Canada and my parents are from El Salvador. Growing up in a Latino home my mom would always tell me stories about my abuela and shared beautiful remedies from El Salvador. This has always sparked and interest in learning about natural remedies. I partnered with dōTERRA in 2014 and started learning Aromatherapy. I became an instructor of the AromaTouch Technique and have taught many wellness advocates as well as different health practitioners who are enthusiastic of using aromatherapy. I am furthering my studies in aromatherapy through Aromahead institute. And continue to educate many people on how to use essential oils in their home. I personally love making different self-care products to keep toxins away from my home. Especially when it comes to my children licking the floor, I want to make sure all my household cleaners are toxic-free! I love caring for my family using a more natural approach. It is empowering and it has helped me through many nights with sick kiddos too! I am grateful to God that we have these beautiful gifts of the earth! I look forward to meeting many of you!


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