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November workshops

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

"Natural medicine to boost your immune system"

Monday, Nov 1st by Miriam Arteaga

Objective: Recognize and know which flavors you can combine and knowledge of the benefits of eating salads in your daily life.

How to get there: We will prepare two salads in our class and talk about the benefits of the ingredients and how these can help us to be healthier and avoid some sickness and bust our immune system.

Miriam, a Mexican immigrant to Canada with a bachelor's degree in Public Relations who worked at McDonald's until she received her motherhood license, learned that one must ask for what one wants and that one may achieve one's goals with hard effort, dedication, and professionalism. Miriam began working there without understanding English and eventually ascended to the position of Administrative Assistant for a five-restaurant franchise. When she found out she was pregnant, she was alone and without a family, so she decided to share his experiences with other new mothers so they wouldn't feel so alone.

Mamas Latinas de Canada was formed by her and began providing information for women with children and their families. Her purpose is to empower women in Canadian society, and she has taken courses that have helped her grow in her network of Latinx mothers in Canada. Miriam conducts interviews with successful mothers; this is for any mother who wants to share her story, as we are all successful mothers. She got to organize face-to-face conferences and online events with neighborhood funds she received from the City of Toronto.

In search of a healthy life, she found her calling as a holistic health coach, where she uses the Portion and Exercise System to help women locate, recognize, and manage their food intake.


"Los Colores de la Tierra/Colors of the Earth"

Wednesday, Nov 3rd by Merced Verdugo

Our hands will feel and experience the dyes of the delicate petals, the citrus shells dancing in a spiral cut, the grey of our grandparents' kitchen ashes, and the brush as an instrument to fulfil your ideas as we explore the colours of the earth together through a journey with your eyes open to feel, smell, and embrace the different shades that the earth and life give us; our eyes will feel and experience the dyes of the delicate petals, the citrus shells dancing in a spiral cut, the grey of the ashes of our grandparents' kitchen and the brush as an instrument to materialize your ideas.


It is suggested that a painting workshop with earth colours be held, as well as a dynamic learning experience based on experimentation and the awakening of the senses.


With "development," we've put the wonderful gifts that the earth provides to one side, a little at a time. Natural colours have been used to express and communicate reality, experiences, and feelings since pre-Hispanic times. However, with the passage of time and the introduction of artificial colours, this lovely and friendly technique has been displaced almost completely.


Plants, flowers, spices, and various soil tonalities are explored. Collection of artefacts

Natural colouration is achieved by the use of natural pigments.

Try different colour combinations. Paper-based creation. Creating a work of art on a screen

Mercy Verdugo is a photographer, actress, poet, and advocate of the arts. She is also the founder and director of ATELIER (founded in 2011).

Atelier is a Mindful Art and Constant Creation project, where theatre, paper making, painting, film and music workshops are held. From the Laboratory of Ideas of the Atelier, social workshops are generated for the benefit of the neighborhood and the community.

Mercy has shared The colors of the Earth Workshop, in the Lacandona jungle, in various communities of Chiapas and Oaxaca, CDMX, Toronto, through different Collectives and in cultural and public spaces.

She has been part of various projects, artistic actions and events through performance, installation, poetry and photography


"Holistic Living and Wellbeing"

Monday, Nov 8th by Tania Borja

Objective: To promote a better understanding of what Holistic Well-being means and how we can practice it in our daily lives.

Description: After a short presentation, participants will be encouraged to share a few of their experiences, challenges, or successes regarding one of these 4 different aspects of their lives: Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Social Health. There will be an interactive activity that will provide us with the opportunity to express our understanding of what Holistic Living means for everyone, and some Self-awareness tools will be shared.

Tania Borja is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Teacher, Community Organizer/Advocate, Writer, Mother, and Entrepreneur. She is the founder and Director of Lunae Healing Arts, an international Holistic and alternative health practice.

Tania has successfully planned, organized, and facilitated several events, talks, workshops, and lectures on Holistic and Alternative Health for different organizations, community centers, and collectives, resulting in 1000+ people from our local community, feeling more empowered and knowledgeable about their own health and wellbeing. She has a long and well-known trajectory as an active member and volunteer at different community organizations and artists collectives that encourage folks to develop their own social and creative expressions and participation. She is currently actively participating in community advocacy, as well as teaching online about Self-development topics and growing her private Holistic Health practice.

Tania's community and professional work has greatly contributed and continues to touch the lives of many women, youth, and children. Her personal and professional approach is inclusive, empowering and committed to service.


"The future of our planet, how can we get involved"

Wednesday, Nov 10th by Angela Morales

We are in time to reconcile with our mother earth. We can begin to have that respect for her that is what gives us sustenance and offers the resources to survive: water, food, oxygen. For this, it is necessary to modify habits of consumption and production of waste, in addition to implementing more measures that include sustainable development.

We well know that our actions and decisions affect our planet. If we could live in harmony with nature and act as a responsible "caretaker" or "guardian" of the environment, it would be possible to achieve an ecologically healthy future for the generations to come to do this, we must develop a balanced way of thinking, feeling and acting towards the environment. We are responsible for the responsible and sustainable management of the ecosystem, ensuring our future generations, our children and our children's children the option of living fully.

My name is Angela Morales, born in Colombia and settled in Canada in 1988. I am the mother of 2 extraordinary beings, my greatest teachers. I am also married to my “amazing” half. I am passionate about mother earth and humanity and I am an advocate for children, dedicating half my life to their welfare and protection. For twenty years I worked and trained in a recognized Canadian children’s mental health agency in prevention and early intervention. I recently published my first book, International Bestseller, “Healing Mom, The Art of Raising Happy Children”; and I have also participated as a co-author in 4 literary works of personal and spiritual growth. I completed my studies in Ontario, Canada in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Education Studies, among others. I am an educator, advisor, and guide in early childhood, conscious parenting, and emotional education. I am an entrepreneur and an international speaker.


"Connecting to the land by traditional means/ Certificate Event (in person)?"

Monday, Nov 15th by Honourable Elder Jimmy Dick

Jimmy Dick, Wolf Clan of the Cree Nation is a traditional language and culture keeper. He is also held in regard as an Elder in the GTA and across North and South America. Jimmy is also Sundance Chief.

He conducts several ceremonies such as sunrise, pipe, sweat lodge, feast of sacred items, walk out ceremonies, talking circles, healing circles, indigenous parenting circles, drumming and singing, male roles and responsibilities.

He is presently the Tradition and Cultural teacher at Toronto District School Board, wandering Spirit/First Nations School Jk to Grade 8. His knowledge is integrated into the classroom curriculum.

Jimmy has been actively involved in the Greater Toronto area as supporter to Indigenous issues and concerns. He has spoken and performed at many Colleges and Universities in lecture based classrooms.

He is the lead singer of EagleHeart Singers and Drummers that is now a family based drum

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