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"Seeds Walking Terre Project"

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

A multigenerational learning project in Toronto that connects newcomer and immigrant Latinx youth and their families to the natural environment. During this five-month project, Agronomic Engineers, Environmentalists, Indigenous knowledge keepers (Turtle Island and Abya Yala), Youth Mentors, and Holistic Health Professionals will deliver workshops to teach youth how to have a positive social impact on our environment by rising ecological awareness; to deeply connect with the Earth, and with ourselves, and acquire a better understanding of holistic health.

This project is designed to give our participants (Families of new Latinx immigrants) the opportunity to enter the amazing world of urban gardening, composting, preserving food in the form of nutritious jams, jellies and pickles. As well as learning the preparation of useful natural products for personal and home care, such as soaps, bath salts, body scrubs, hand and surface disinfectant, therapeutic grade herbal oils, etc.

We will be motivating Latinx families to make delicious herbal syrups, juices and shakes to strengthen the immune system and also we will practice yoga and mindfulness together!

The Teach2learn team is very excited to invite you to sign up and join us in this 5-month journey. We can't wait to get started and we are sure you will love it and learn a lot!

Registration to this project is free. Workshops will be held virtually. All materials will be delivered at your address once registered.


Program benefits

  • Connecting children, adults, and seniors to the Earth as a group

  • Making collective decisions to create a positive habit on their physical environment and personal health

  • We hope to highlight nature, land, and resource stewardship in youth culture.

  • Provide opportunities for the Latinx community to learn in a culturally reflective and responsive manner.

  • Youth involvement in ecocentrism movements and consumption culture

  • Developing strong relations with their neighbours and urban farmers

Program Schedule

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Jose Arrieta
Jose Arrieta
Jul 13, 2021

I would like to register to the program.


Todavia me puedo registrar?

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